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About Heather

Heather is Chief Executive of the UK Equality Network. Her background spans public and private sector, giving her a strong foundation in leadership, management, skills training and HR development. Her commitment to best practice in equality and diversity has been key throughout her career.


Her extensive experience includes working in international roles with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, establishing two private companies (recruitment and change management), and working in the skills and education sector.


Heather was Managing Director of Exchange Group UK, delivering key skills and IT training from a network of outlets based in the high street and public libraries. Following this, she undertook a consultancy role working with local authorities across England where she was instrumental in developing skills and employment programmes for their local communities. This involved establishing effective partnerships, and securing funding (public and match) including via the European Structural Fund. She was also a founding partner in the establishment of a successful apprenticeship training company in the south of England.

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