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Equality Audit

Use these questions to see if you are confident that your UK organisation or workplace is adhering to the law and not incorrect advice on the law.

Section 1 - About You

What is your organisation type?

Section 2 - Public Sector

What area do you work in?

Section 3 - Private Sector

What area do you work in?

Section 4a - Your Role

What is your role?
Do you also have a role relevant to equality (DEI) issues? e.g. a representative in a group or committee

Section 4b - Audit Questions

Do you know where to find equality (or DEI) related information in your workplace?
From what you know of your organisation's equality (or DEI) information, what do they state are the protected characteristics in the UK Equality Act 2010? Tick all that apply as they appear in your organisation's documentation/information.

Section 5 - Equality Act 2010

These are the 9 protected characteristics exactly as they appear in The Equality Act 2010 and should be stated as such throughout your organisation's literature to avoid possible discrimination and legal issues arising. Click here.

Were you aware that there are only 9 protected characteristics?

Section 6 - Equality (or DEI) Training

Have you received equality (or DEI) advice or training or signed up to a scheme from an external organisation regarding equality (or DEI)?
Do you have processes in place to audit the accuracy of any in-house or external training in relation to equality (or DEI)?
Have you ever referred to EHRC advice and guidance?

Section 7 - EHRC

How often do you refer to EHRC advice and guidance?

Section 8 - UKEN Training Opportunities

What would you like to do next?
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