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About Charlotte

Charlotte’s public sector background has given her first hand experience of successful organisational culture change, employee engagement initiatives and transforming service delivery. As a programme director within a Cabinet Office agency, she designed and delivered bespoke leadership and management training interventions for a range of public sector clients and worked closely with professional bodies to develop and manage a suite of accredited training courses. She led on a variety of international government training projects including Ukraine, West Indies, Greece, Thailand and the States of Jersey and was a key contributor to the National School Women’s Leadership Development programme.


She gained insight into HR issues from both sides of the table when she moved from a role as Head of HR in a defence agency to chair of the local union branch within Cabinet Office, later moving to a role as an official in an education union. All of these positions were informed by her commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Charlotte firmly believes that good practice in EDI should not just bring demonstrable benefits to the organisation but to employees, clients and the wider community.


She completed her professional CIPD qualification in 2002 and was awarded an MSc with distinction in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath in 2008.

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